Wembley occupational therapy for children

occupational therapy
occupational therapy

A therapist is health care professional who is trained to practice
occupational therapy. The therapist helps individuals to recover from
illness, mental/physical, developmentally, socially and emotional
disabilities and to achieve the highest level of proper functioning and
wellness in their life.

Occupational therapy helps patients with such conditions as physical
injuries, head injuries, amputations, mental health and developmental
disorders, congenital disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, orthopedic
injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and
post traumatic stress disorders. An occupational therapist can also help
children with such conditions as developmental delays, physical
disabilities, and sensory and attention dysfunctions.

Occupation therapists are not concerned with finding cures. Their job is
to help increase the quality of life and help get past the emotional
and developmental barriers of autism. Their work with infants through
adults that have developmental delays and help them achieve their
fullest potential.

Occupational therapy works with individuals no matter their age. In
addition to traditional medical settings, occupational therapists can
see people recovering from brain injury in birth-to-three early
intervention programs, in public school settings, as job coaches, and as
part of community mental health.

Occupational therapy professionals treat patients of all age groups,
with physical, mental, social and emotional disabilities. An
occupational therapist assists disabled people to improve their
movements and restore their lost functions. Occupational therapists make
use of computer programs to improve the memory, decision making,
problem solving, abstract-reasoning, and perceptual skills of the

The Occupational Therapist profession starts with charting out a plan
for the rehabilitation of the patient according to the disability and
trauma suffered. The improvement of the ability to do tasks can be
related to daily living or tasks in a work environment.

Occupational Therapists define Occupational Therapy as a means to
promote good health and well-being through occupations. It enables
people to get involved in the activities of everyday life. This type of
therapy helps people to improve their ability to live their lives
normally with the help or certain activities or by environment

Occupational therapists believe that there is a relationship between
occupation, health and well-being. Findings from studies over the years
indicate that occupation has an important influence on health and

Occupational Therapists help people to improve their ability to perform a
variety of daily tasks. This is especially useful for people who have
disabilities that are mental, physical, emotional or developmental.