Occupational therapy courses in Wembley.

occupational therapy
occupational therapy

Occupational therapy refers to the use of assessment and intervention
with an aim of developing, recovering or maintaining the meaningful
activities of persons, groups, and communities. It is mainly performed by
OTs who regularly work with individuals suffering from mental health
complications, body disabilities, injuries and even those with body
The following are examples of programs in this field.
(i) Gerontology (BCG)
Gerontologist work with the elderly people to assist them to cope with
those conditions that come with old age such as arthritis and low vision.
2. Mental Health.
This program is aimed at providing mental health intervention to promote
wellness and prevention for clients.
3. Pediatrics therapy.
Pediatrics work with children to help them perform the following
• General activities like crawling, walking, and feeding of the
• Functional skills for children on the autism spectrum
• Coping with physical and mental disabilities.
4. Physical Rehabilitation.
This involves designing and implementing physical rehabilitation that is
aimed client needs and relevant to his sufferings.
5. Driving and Community Mobility.
This study is aimed at helping a client to be mobile in his or her
environment of operation, whether by driving oneself, by use of public
transportation or by walking around.
6. Environmental Modification.
This is aimed at helping practitioners to modify or change the home,
school, work, or community environments by determining environment needs
than providing strategies that reflect the person-environment fitness to
maximise the participation, accessibility, and independence of the
7. Feeding, Eating and swallowing.
It is aimed at equipping the learner with knowledge on how to
comprehensively assist a client with feeding, eating, and swallowing.
8. Low Vision.
Ths specialty is aimed at helping people with low vision complication
cope with their situation as they perform their day to day activities.
9. School Systems.
A school system therapist carries interventions that are unique to
different school systems while integrating the effects of different
client factors and situation.It assists students in their daily
functionality necessary for schooling.